On this page you will find a growing selection of eBooks and print books (coming soon) written by Paul Boulton. 

These eBooks represent a small portion of the topics a Positive Change session can help you with.

Each Tapping eBook includes Targeted EFT statements for you to use with a written instruction guide and video demonstrations to follow.

Paul has several ebooks in production along with audio books and courses.



To reduce stress, anxiety and tension today!

by Paul Boulton

“When I let go, something better always comes to me.” 
Chuck Spezzano Ph.D

In this ebook, I am sharing the tool I use the most for myself, and with my clients after they have experienced a Psychic Reading or Positive Change Session with me. 

Inspired by leading spiritual author Catherine Ponder, I explain the Law of Detachment and show you how to create a Detachment Statement. This powerful tool is used to acknowledge and release any negative or energetic attachments towards a person, situation or event that has caused you stress or hurt, obsessive thinking or worrying, etc. 

It is a quick and easy process that anybody can learn to use. If you are interested in help to let go and forgive, to choose self-love and healing over feelings of hurt, despair, resentment and worry, then this ebook is for you.