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Transform Lives with our Targeted EFT Practitioner Training Program!

Are you a therapist looking to boost your business by offering an additional effective therapy for your clients? 

Explore the transformative power of Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping, a groundbreaking therapy method created in South East Queensland, designed to empower your range of options when assisting your clients.

Created by Paul Boulton who has a passion for enhancing the therapy process, this innovative technique delves straight into the core of the mental and emotional relationship and how it can block and sabotage progress with a persons life choices and the healing process. 

Here's the essence of it: Targeted EFT skillfully pinpoints the precise location of hurtful memories and negative beliefs within the mind. 

Once there, specifically worded Tapping statements, are aimed at the fears, hurts and trauma-based issues and tapped through with the proven EFT tapping sequence. 

This then swiftly reduces the stored stress, tension and overwhelm the person is experiencing. And installs new statements of clarity, self-love and acceptance. 

What sets Targeted EFT apart from other forms of Tapping is the laser-focused precision of the specifically worded Tapping statements. With an extensive library of over 200 Tapping statements, you will learn how to expertly select the top 20 that align with your client's individual needs at each visit. 

This tailored approach can effectively address a client’s specific concern e.g. anxiety and insomnia, as well as a wide spectrum of issues. These issues can rang from common concerns like stress and anxiety to intricate challenges such as navigating complex relationship dynamics, assault, sexual abuse, rejection and abandonment issues, and rebuilds trust, healing and a mental and emotional realignment in the moment.

It is important to understand from a therapist’s and client’s perspective that the statements used in the Targeted EFT Tapping process do not stir up and re-traumatise a person. The process can however create the momentary acknowledgement that hurtful and traumatic experiences, under a range of categories, have occurred in the client’s life. This realisation can often surprise the client’s survival focused mind, which may well have spent decades denying and suppressing the fact that these issues ever happened to them.

Targeted EFT empowers you to guide your clients in reducing these constraints, by offering them newfound clarity, perspective, and the courage to create a profoundly meaningful new life for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones. 

By partnering with us, you will gain access to dedicated, experienced, and compassionate mentorship as you embark on your journey to mastering the art of emotional well-being.

Discover Targeted EFT Practitioner Training: 
Attend an Introduction Workshop

The Targeted EFT Practitioner Training Program will launch 🚀 March 2024.

To discover if the Targeted EFT Practitioner Training Program is right for you, we invite you to attend one of our Introduction Workshops.

Save the Date for Live Training:

Introduction to Targeted EFT Practitioner Training Workshop 

Sunday, 29th October 2023, 10am - 2.30pm
Venue: Lovelight Temple
74 Ernest St, Margate 4019

Investment: $50.00 per person or $40.00 per person for groups of three or more (use coupon code GROUP40, one booking purchase is required with the names of your group provided in your order notes at checkout).

Bring lunch to share. Spaces limited to 25 participants. If the limit is reached, we will have a Wait List.

Purchase tickets here

Who Does This Training Workshop 
Best Suit?

As a therapist, you might find Targeted EFT to be a compelling addition to your therapeutic toolbox, especially if you're looking to better address emotional and psychological issues in your clients. 

The Targeted EFT approach could be particularly attractive if you:

  1. Currently Offer Holistic Therapy: Therapists who practice holistic or integrative therapy may find Targeted EFT aligns with their approach, as it addresses both emotional and physical aspects of well-being.
  2. Specialise in Trauma Therapy: Therapists specialising in trauma therapy can benefit from Targeted EFT's ability to reduce trauma-related emotional and physical tension.
  3. Work with Anxiety and Stress: Therapists dealing with clients experiencing chronic anxiety, stress, tension and PTSD may find Targeted EFT to be a valuable addition to their tool kit.
  4. Seek Efficient Techniques: Therapists interested in efficient and time-effective therapeutic techniques may appreciate Targeted EFT's ability to bring rapid relief to clients.
  5. Embrace Energy Psychology: Therapists who are open to energy psychology and its role in emotional healing may find Targeted EFT to be an intriguing method to explore.
  6. Desire Versatility: Therapists who value versatility in their practice can use Targeted EFT alongside other therapeutic modalities to offer a comprehensive approach to healing.

Ultimately, any therapist looking to expand their skill set and offer clients a powerful tool for emotional healing and personal growth could benefit from learning Targeted EFT. 

I feel it is essential for therapists to assess how this technique aligns with their practice and client needs before incorporating it into their work, which is why we are offering this half day workshop. If you have any questions that you would like answered around this, please contact me directly.