Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping

An Effective Therapy-based form of Tapping  

What is Targeted EFT Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping? 

Targeted EFT was born from my need to offer a more effective therapy process for my clients.

Targeted EFT is an effective therapy that works by locating where the hurtful memories and negative beliefs are stored in a person's mind. Then I use my own specifically worded Tapping statements combined with the EFT tapping sequence.  In most cases, it can quickly reduce the amount of stored stress and tension the person is experiencing.

One Key Point of difference that makes Targeted EFT an effective therapy.

Targeted EFT is an effective therapy-based process with specifically worded and pre-written Tapping statements. With over 200 Tapping statements available for me to choose from, I will select the top 20-30 that are specific to your needs to help you. 

The selected Tapping statements work by 'targeting' a single topic or a wide range of issues that could be impacting upon you now, your behaviour, and your ability to make positive decisions


Please be aware that you may have encountered these issues and traumas decades ago. But these issues can still be actively restricting and reducing your mind's ability to trust, stay in the moment, and function now in a healthy fashion. 

My desire is to help people anchor the clarity, perspectives, and courage they need to create meaningful lives for themselves, family and loved ones.⁠ What this means for you is you're getting a dedicated, experienced, practical therapist who is real, intuitive, insightful, caring and direct.⁠ 

Paul Boulton

Targeted EFT is incorporated within the Positive Change Sessions that I offer, so if you are interested in experiencing effective therapy with the benefits of a therapy-based Tapping session, go to the Readings and Therapy page

I have also written three self-help Tapping books that based on Targeted EFT, for people to use after a Positive Change Session and/ or for general wellbeing. 

My latest book "Helping Kids Rise and Shine: Tapping for Stress, Anxiety and Bullying" i s being written for Teachers, Parents and Carers interested in working with children and teenagers and using the Targeted EFT process themselves to help children and teenagers feel better.
To find my first two Tapping books, go to the Books page.