Interview with MysticMag

Interview with MysticMag

Empathic Insights: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Healing with Psychic Paul Boulton

What inspired you to start your Intuitive, Psychic journey?

From a young age, I could sense and feel who was being true or not with the adults I was interacting with, my parents, relatives, schoolteachers, etc. It took a while to get used to people saying something but often meaning something completely different. I knew I needed to trust and develop this skill and knowingness.

Can you explain your Psychic Reading process?

I am an empath, which means that I feel and intuit a client’s current situation. I can quickly sense their emotions, and stress levels, and I also get a feel for the people and circumstances that are impacting upon them in that moment. To help the client understand what I am sensing, I use the Tarot, which always illustrates their situations accurately.

What is Psychic Therapy aka the Positive Change Session?

Psychic Therapy, aka, Positive Change Session is a much deeper, more involved process, that can deliver some wonderfully liberating results for the client. A Positive Change Session can take around 2.5 hours and begins with a Psychic Reading. The Psychic Reading helps my client to honestly and accurately assess where they are in their life now in the categories of Self Love, Partnership, Family, Work, Home, Health, Life choices, and daily situations. This helps us identify the big issues to work with. From then the client needs to trust and commit to the therapy and allow themselves to be open and vulnerable at times, as we work towards freeing them up from the overzealous defensive beliefs, fears, and traumas held within their own mind.

At whatever age a challenging, hurtful issue happened in a person’s life, it is accessible to be worked with in the Tapping process that I created and use called Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping (Targeted EFT).

Many of the fears and issues happened in a person’s childhood years as they adjusted to living in the family. The person’s own mind may have activated the fight, flight, freeze reaction when it felt that its survival was threatened, and soon after that it established coping mechanisms. These issues could include their fears of being left alone, feeling isolated, rejected, and abandoned, deprived of food or love, and at times feeling they were abused, hurt, or violated, including sexual abuse.

As we grow through our childhood and teenage years on our way to becoming an adult, the mind just adds other thoughts, fears, hurts, and traumas to its bank of stored topics and issues with the subconscious mind. The mind hopes it will never have to address or deal with these issues again. There will be times when the mind will even attempt to deny the existence of the hurts, issues, and traumas stored within it. And it can aggressively defend itself from any attempt by a person, doctor, or therapist who tries to expose these issues. Unfortunately for the mind, however, I will, during a session usually intuit the presence of the violations and traumas the person has experienced and endured in their life. This provides the client with a safe opportunity for us to talk and work through the hurt, embarrassment, guilt, blame, and shame they have felt.

Due to the person having few options to attain effective therapy, they have often carried the pain, stress, and humiliation from the abuse and issues, with them into their next relationships and life. Often, I am the first person clients have ever spoken to about these issues and what they have suffered. Happily though, by the completion of the session, the client, in most cases, enjoys breathing deeper than usual, notices a calmer, more peaceful mind, and feels more self-love within their mind and heart. These feelings can have the client soon ready to perceive and live new empowered choices in their life.

In a Positive Change Session, you mentioned that you use Targeted EFT. How is that different from standard EFT?

There are several key points of difference with Targeted EFT over standard EFT including that it is more therapy based. In Targeted EFT, I use specifically written Tapping statements to address the stuck mental fears, frights, issues, and traumas that have been experienced in people’s lives. Over the decades, I have written over 200 Tapping statements that I can select from and use in a session, that most accurately address the issues the person is stressed and affected by. These prepared Tapping statements cover topics such as rejection, abandonment, guilt, blame, shame, abuse, violation, sexual abuse, separation, divorce, bullying and narcissist behavior, depression, overwhelm, victimization, suicidal tendencies, despair, parental issues, work situations, etc.

What are the main benefits a Positive Change Session provides an individual?

The Positive Change Session is quick and effective in helping to guide a person to experience greater levels of clarity, mental and emotional courage, self-love, and determination within themselves. When a person embarks upon a healing journey, it can reveal layers of topics and issues that were stored in their subconscious. From this moment it is up to them if they desire to experience additional Positive Change Sessions. In my view, they always help a person to know and love themselves better.

You talk about boosting Self Love. Why is this so important to you as a Psychic Therapist to help your clients achieve?

For me, self-love is the reward a person gives themselves when they break away from the hamster wheel of duty and the pressure created by their own survival-focused mind. Boosting our levels of self-love is so important because this is necessary for our nurturing, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Is there anything else about your work that you’d like to add?

Training in Targeted EFT is available. Targeted EFT is a valuable tool for practitioners who want to expand their skills and offer a proven method to their clients. I have prepared a questionnaire that therapists can use to work with the client to best gauge the priorities that need attention. I have also written two Targeted EFT Tapping self-help books so far, with more in production. My latest books are aimed at helping children and teenagers suffering from stress, anxiety, bullying, etc. The books provide the teaching necessary to show parents, teachers, and carers how to facilitate the Targeted EFT Tapping process, with all Tapping statements and instructions included.

To learn more about Paul and book for a Psychic Reading or Positive Change Session you can visit his website at

By Petar Vojinovic, MysticMag

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