The History of EFT, Tapping and Meridian Therapies

The History of EFT, Tapping and Meridian Therapies

EFT Tapping Points diagram by Paul Boulton Targeted EFT Tapping
EFT Tapping Points diagram by Paul Boulton Targeted EFT Tapping

During the early 1960s, Dr George Goodheart, an American chiropractor was introduced to the ancient Chinese healing system of acupuncture through the books of German-born acupuncturist Felix Mann, MD. By combining the stimulation of acupuncture points using manual stimulation with the fingers, instead of applying needles, Dr Goodheart discovered that he could treat physical conditions just as well, which he developed into the method of “Applied Kinesiology”.

John Diamond, MD, a psychiatrist from Australia, built upon the work of Dr George Goodheart, his colleague, and close friend. Dr Diamond developed Acupuncture Emotional System (AES) and continued to evolve his methods over a forty-five-year period. His research of linking the twelve acupuncture meridians with emotional states was published in his best-selling book Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of the Emotions. In this ground-breaking book, Dr Diamond demonstrates the relationship between emotions and meridians, connecting the realms of physical and emotional health in a way that introduces holistic health for the first time to western readers.

Involved at this time was Dr Roger Callahan, a contemporary psychologist who specialised in working with anxiety. Dr Callahan’s work provided the basis of the 9-Gamut Tapping sequence still used today. He discovered the value of tapping on acupuncture points or acupoints, particularly if a person focused upon a specific fear or area of concern at the same time as the acupoint was tapped with the index and middle fingers of either hand. He found that a fear could be removed, and in many cases permanently.

Dr Callahan along with his wife, Joanne Callahan developed this into a tapping sequence model and treatment known as Thought Field TherapyⓇ or TFT, and the Callahan TechniquesⓇ.

Further developments with the tapping sequence model of TFT were made by Gary Craig, a Stanford-trained engineer. Gary was a student of the Callahans and felt that he could simplify the tapping process and make this a “universal healing aid” available to everyone. Gary published his first EFT manual titled Emotional Freedom Techniques The Manual in the early 1990s. He later trademarked Emotional Freedom Techniques and has published several editions since then. He published free email newsletters with case studies and offered for purchase a comprehensive library of instructional EFT videos. He has been the most prolific advocate of EFT and tapping, helping thousands of people worldwide.

Since the days of Dr George Goodheart, the healing benefits of meridian therapies, EFT and Tapping includes numerous books and training schools, including the work of Dr John Thie (Touch for Health), Donna Eden (Eden Energy Medicine), Dr David Feinstein (Energy Psychology), Dr Bruce Dewe and Joan Dewe (PKP Kinesiology), Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution), Paul Boulton (Targeted Energy Focused Tapping) as well as many others.

Written by Elaine Gentles 

3 August 2021, updated 12 October 2021 and 29 January 2023

About Elaine Gentles

Elaine is a student practitioner of Paul Boulton’s version of tapping called Targeted Energy Focused Tapping (Targeted EFT) (and his life partner). She previously studied PKP Kinesiology with Dr Bruce Dewe, Joan Dewe, and Margaret MacArthur from 2003, graduating with an International Diploma of Kinesiology in 2009. With her experience as a student and practitioner of PKP Kinesiology, she has utilised aspects of therapies developed by Dr George Goodheart, Dr John Thie, Dr Bruce Dewe, Joan Dewe, Dr Roger Callahan, Dr John Diamond, Gary Craig and others.  Since experiencing and learning Targeted EFT, she has become passionate about sharing this therapy-based version of Tapping with the world along with Paul. Targeted EFT is a therapy-based form of tapping that addresses a wide range of issues and challenges that a person has been exposed to across their life. The process is simple, effective, and goes deep within a person’s issues to quickly reduce the levels of stress they have been impacted by.


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