Understanding the Significance of the 27 Club and Your First Saturn Return / Saturn Transit

Understanding the Significance of the 27 Club and Your First Saturn Return / Saturn Transit

Saturn return

Are you or a family member or friend close to 27 years of age?

Do they look like they’re in the prime of their life and that all or most things are possible for them?

Things could be for the most part amazing. But then there is likely other stuff going on that could be causing lots of stress and issues for them, seemingly from out of the blue.

Relationships with partners and friends may appear to be difficult or are failing.

Work and job security may have become a bit unstable.

There might be times of self-doubt and depression.

Even finding the right housemates and living situation can become stressful too.

So what is causing this disharmony? After all, they’re in the prime of their life, their twenty’s.

In my view, it just might be the impact of the 27 Club.

The 27 Club is more accurately referred to as a Saturn Return. It represents a 27-to-28-year cycle of Saturn back to the position it was at the time you were born. Which was indeed the first actual intense situation that you had to survive, your own birth.

Twenty-seven years later it is back to evaluate you, and it is covering an extended time and has brought some new categories to review you with.

The media refer to the 27 Club whenever a celebrity dies at that age. Some notable people have been Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, etc.

A Saturn Transit from my Therapist’s Perspective

Saturn and Sun Conjunction

For the purposes of my work as a Psychic Therapist, I have extended the influence range of the Planet Saturn to last longer than the specific age of 27, which is validated in the Vedic (Indian) Astrology tradition known as Sade Sati.

This is due to Saturn being a slow-moving planet of accountability, and I consider its influence time to be closer to 23 to 31 years of age.

There are six categories that I have noticed a Saturn Transit brings for review in a person’s life.

  1. Self-Love
  2. Partnership
  3. Work
  4. Home
  5. Health
  6. Life

You may say, “Hang on, I don’t believe in Astrology”, but that doesn’t matter because I reckon that Saturn believes in you, and your evolutionary journey this lifetime. And it won’t want to see you miss out on its ability to draw your unaddressed topics and issues to your attention, so you can make the most of this life and its opportunities.

The way Saturn shows a person how well aligned or not they are in their life, is through unavoidable and relentless, in-your-face examples of what areas of your life are not working for you any longer.

As an example, in your early twenties, you may well have just completed a University degree in Accountancy, Medicine, Engineering or some other topic important to you.

Your parents are happy you graduated because it cost them a king’s ransom. You are happy, to a point, because after a while you realize that you completed this degree for them. It was always their dream for you to have a strong career in this area. And you know it was never really your passion. You may have always wanted to be a performer, singer and dancer, be a hairdresser or a mechanic.

As an example, what a Saturn Transit can do is pressure you into realizing that you must work in a job that you love, or be in a relationship that you love, even if you choose to be with yourself. It is far better than staying with someone who you don’t genuinely love, no matter if you have children with them or not.

A Saturn Transit may encourage and motivate you to live in a new city or new home that you love, even a new country.

And all these factors can influence your health and well-being, and overall outlook on your life.

What Saturn is also particularly good at, is highlighting any issues with friends or acquaintances who are using or exploiting you and bringing these situations to your attention to address. This can include bosses, colleagues and clients, friends, relatives, loved ones and even your own children.

A Saturn Transit represents a maturation process, a coming of age, where you grow and evolve into being the person you need to be for You and Your unfolding life and opportunities.

Saturn is versatile too. If you haven’t learned the lessons well enough by 31 years of age it is more than capable of following you into your thirties.

And it doesn’t end there. The same Saturn Return / Saturn Transit will greet you between the ages of 48 to 60 and all of your 80s up to 90 or so. They represent the second and third Saturn Transits for the people who live around and beyond 56 and 84 years of age.

A Saturn Transit can be an intensely liberating time. It can be when you become individually aware of the choices you have made and those you are indulging or investing in now.

And for those people who for whatever reason do not or cannot change their life trajectory, then they can roll the dice with the Saturn categories and potentially lose their opportunity this time to continue their life.

These insights are based upon my personal and professional experiences working with numerous clients over the past three decades, as well as the perspectives of many Astrologers’.

What Might You Choose Next?

You always have a choice

If you can relate and are wondering what you can do to maximize this opportunity to live your best life, I offer a process called a Positive Change Session. It includes a one-hour Psychic Reading to ascertain what your biggest personal challenges are at this time.

It might be relationship issues with your partner, children, or family.

Or, you may have begun to experience a difficult time at work with the boss or other employees, which is leaving you struggling to cope, as you contemplate if you need to move on to a new job.

Or, perhaps you are considering moving to another town to take up a better career opportunity, or support your child gain access to a specific educational training organization.

Or perhaps you are being called to support an aging parent.

Whatever the change you may be experiencing, here is how I can assist and support you.

Starting with a Psychic Reading helps you to see where you and your life is at in the moment, including your most important desires and issues, and the positive and negative influences around them. Once these have been examined, we then begin the Targeted EFT Tapping component of a Positive Change Session.

During the Positive Change Session, I will choose approximately 25 specifically prepared Tapping statements from a collection of over 200 Tapping statements that are most relevant and beneficial for your current needs.

These Tapping statements are used to address and reduce stress, tension, and anxiety by addressing the negative thoughts and emotions that the mind may be generating. These statements are specifically designed to target the areas of your life that are causing distress and help you find relief.

Many issues will be current time, but others could be generating stress from issues that happened to you decades ago.

The Targeted EFT Tapping process is a powerful technique that aims to reduce internal mental stress levels. Unlike other forms of tapping, this process not only addresses the issue from work last week, but also targets current issues and stored stress from any time in your life. By focusing on specific topics, Targeted EFT helps by reducing the stress and tension that your mind has stored around these issues.

Noticing the quick, accumulated reduction in stress with an ability to easily breathe deeper are some of the first comments I will hear from my clients at the end of a Positive Change Session. Other personalized details and observations will follow. Quite often a new, more positive perspective as to how the person sees and feels about themselves and their life, choices, and opportunities at that time.

They are frequently very thrilled to be feeling present, calmer, and more content with themselves and their ability to make good choices moving forward.

The Positive Change Session is a unique, very effective process that I have created. It does not just deliver personal insights but also has the potential to deliver a change in a person’s perspectives, self-love, courage, and determination that supports them to make the next best decisions and changes in their life.

For some people it may provide the strength and clarity they need to initiate their divorce, or resign from their unfulfilling job or pack up and move to another city or country. Others may begin or complete a course of study or make a clean break to establish a new business, diet, or other lifestyle choice they have been dreaming about for years.

If this is something you feel you would benefit from, visit my website for more details.

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